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The Stewartsville-Chamblissburg Fire Department is located in the Southwestern portion of Bedford County. Founded in 1959 and to date we are still 100% volunteer. With a roster of 40 firemen the department covers an area of 150 square miles with an average of 300 calls per year. We operate 7 pieces of apparatus that can handle most any job.Rescue 13 also responds as the Rapid Intervention Team for the Southside of the county. Our goal is to provide the community with the very BEST fire protection possible.

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MVA with Double Entrapment
Tuesday, October 11, 2016 11:14
At 11:14 Hours Bedford County Communications alerted Company 13 Squad 13, Medic 14-1 of MVA on Stewartsville Rd just past Emmaus Church Rd. Deputy Chief 13 was first to arrive to locate two vehicles head on style collision with two subject pinned inside the vehicle. Deputy Chief 13 established command and requested an additional medic unit witch added Medic 19-1. Rescue 13 arrived and began to set up for extrication and Engine 131 arrived and stretched a trash line for protection. Rescue 13's crew removed the door from the 1st victims car, and Medic 14-1 assisted with patient care. Rescue 13's crew then performed a door pop on the 2nd victims car and Medic 19-1 along with Engine 1 (Bedford) assisted with packaging the patient. Both patients were transported with non life threatening injury's. All units were cleared by command upon the investigating from State Police.

Working Fire Altice Rd Moneta
Wednesday, June 15, 2016 19:28
At 1928 hours Bedford communications alerted company 8, 1st due, company 13, 2nd due, Company 1 for RIT, Squad 8 and 4, Medic14-8 and County 10 for report of fire in the basement of a residence. Engine 131 responded at 1932 minutes with 6. Medic 14-8 arrived first to locate a single story wood frame structure with smoke showing from the eve of side delta and bravo. Engine 131 arrived shortly after and took the address crews stretched two 1 3/4 lines. Engine 131 split crew began intital search on division one and basement division. Basement division with medic 14-8 located a small fire on the delta side near the stair well. primary and secondary searches came back all negative. fire was contained to a small area in the basement and all units were cleared by command.

Working Fire 1200 Dearing Ln
Wednesday, April 20, 2016 20:14
At 20:14 hours Bedford County Communications alerted Company 13 (1st Due) Company 12 (2nd Due) Rescue 1 (RIT) for residential fire. initial call advised a gas grill on a back porch was on fire. Engine 131 arrived to find a single wide trailer with heavy fire on the porch with extension into the structure. Engine 131 stretched a line to the Charlie corner and began extinguishing the fire. Crews made entry and located fire in the laundry room also. Wagon 12 arrived and assisted with search group and ventilation. while Engine 13 assisted on division 1. Fire was quickly marked under control and all units were cleared by command.

Units Operating: Engine 131, Engine 13, Rescue 13, Tanker 13, Wagon 12, medic 12-2, Medic 4-1.

Working Fire View Dr
Tuesday, April 19, 2016 17:21
At 17:21 hours Bedford county communications alerted Company 13 (1st due) Company 8 (2nd due) Rescue 1 (RIT) for residential structure fire advising a propane tank had exploded on the back porch. County 10 arrived to find a 2 story residential structure with heavy fire on Charlie, Delta with extension into the addict. Engine 131 arrived and stretched a line, while the officer established command. Wagon 8-2 arrived and assisted with fire suppression and ventilation. Rescue 1 arrived and split crew to establish RIT and Division 2. fire was marked under controle and all units were cleared per command.

Units Operating: Engine131, Tanker 13, Engine13, Wagon82, tanker8 Rescue1, County 10, Medic 14-13.

Photo by Bedford fire
   Photo by Bedford fire
Vehicle Accident With Ejection
Wednesday, April 13, 2016 23:50
At 23:50 Hours Bedford County communications alerted Company 13 Squad 4 Medic 14-8 for Motor Vehicle accident with injury. Engine 131 arrived to find a single SUV with heavy Damage 20 feet off the roadway with all occupants out of the vehicle. Upon Further investigation crews confirmed that one patient had been ejected from the vehicle with several sever injury's. Rescue 13 arrived and assisted engine 131 with patient care and traffic support. Crews took several minutes to check patient for additional injury's. Patient was place on a back board and upon that time medic 14-8 arrived and crews assisted with loading patient in the back of the ambulance. Medic 14-8 transported one Pt To the local hospital. Crews assisted State PD with traffic control until cleared by command.

Units Operating: Engine 131, Rescue 13, Medic 14-8, Medic 14-1

Brush Fire Horseshoe Bend RD
Thursday, March 31, 2016 10:29
AT 10:29 hours Bedford County Communications alerted Company 8 (Moneta), Company 13 of a large illegal burn in the 11000 blk of Horseshoe Bend RD. County 16 arrived to find a large 50x50 pile of trash and building material burning in a pile. Brush 8-2 and Brush 13 assisted with fire suppression, while tanker 13 established water supply. Fire was extinguished and all units were cleared.

Units Operating: Brush 13, Tanker 13, Brush 8-2.

Working Fire Sky View Rd
Wednesday, March 23, 2016 20:38
AT 20:38 hours Bedford County Communications alerted Company 13 (1st Due) Company 19 (2nd Due) Rescue 1 (RIT) for possible residential structure fire in the 300 blk of Sky View Rd. with no response from 2nd due Engine 131 request additional engine and tanker witch added Company 8 and tanker 12. Engine 131 arrived to find a single story brick structure with fire showing from a basement window. Engine 131 crew pulled 1 3/4 cross lay and established basement division. Rescue 13 was second to arrive and threw ladders. Once ladders were thrown ladder 1 and rescue 13 split crew and began initial search on division 1, ventilation, and checked for extension. Wagon 8-2 arrived established RIT and assisted with water supply. With a quick knock down of the basement and an all clear on primary and secondary search units began to overhaul the residence. crews remained on scene and extinguished several hot spots. Hazards were controlled all units were cleared by command.

Units operating: Engine 131, Rescue 13, Tanker 13, Ladder 1, Wagon 8-2, Tanker 12 County 10, Medic 4-1 Medic 13-1

Working Fire Dawn Place
Monday, March 14, 2016 03:46
At 03:46 hours Bedford County Communications altered Company 13, Company 8, (Moneta) And Rescue 1 (Bedford) for Possible structure fire with Smoke in a residence. Engine 131 was first to arrive to find a single wide mobile home with heavy fire from Alpha, Delta. Engine 131 laid in with 4 sections of LDH (5") and passed command to establish division one. Rescue 13 assisted with fire Suppression, and chief 13 established Dawn Place command. Wagon 8-2 along with Engine 13 assisted with water supply as tanker 13 shuttled water. Rescue 1 arrived and established RIT. Units worked until 4:20 and fire was marked under control. Overhaul was complete and all units were cleared by command.

Units Operating: Engine 131, Engine 13, Rescue 13 Command 13, Tanker 13, Wagon 8-2, Rescue 1.

Working Fire 700 Blk Olney Rd Vinton
Wednesday, March 2, 2016 19:38
At 19:38 Hours Bedford County Communications altered Company 13 for Residential Structure fire in the 700 Blk of Olney Rd in Vinton. With Units already on Scene in Rescue mode due to reports of one subject still inside the residence command Requested additional Engine company which added Engine 131. Engine 131 arrived behind Wagon 2, Ladder 5 and engine 6 and reported to Command post. Engine 131 Crew assisted with fire suppression on division one and upon fire being marked under controlle all units were cleared by command.

Working fire Shepherds Store Rd Bedford
Wednesday, February 17, 2016 04:18
At 04:18 Bedford County Communications Altered Company 1, 8, 13 and Rescue 5 For a Garage on fire. Engine 1 arrived to find a two story residence with attached garage heavily involved. Wagon 1 arrived and established command. tanker 13 arrived and assisted with water supply wile tanker 13's officer assisted with fire attack on division two. Fire was marked under control and all company 13 units were cleared per command.

Roll Over Accident 9500 Blk Dickerson Mill RD
Tuesday, February 9, 2016 22:51
At 22:51 Bedford County Communications altered Company 13 Squad 4 Medic 14-8 of Motor Vehicle Accident 9500 Blk of Dickerson Mill Rd. Engine 131 arrived to find a single vehicle with heavy damage. Crews assisted with Pt care and controlled hazards. One Patient was transported by medic 14-8 with minor injuries.

Units Operating: Engine 131, Rescue 13, M14-8

Shed Fire 13000 Stewartsville Rd
Saturday, February 6, 2016 11:11
at 11:11 hours Bedford county communications altered Company 13 of a shed on fire in the 13040 Blk of Stewartsville RD. Engine 131 with 6 arrived to find a 12x10 shed with fire from the roof. Engine 131 established command and stretched the front trash line. Crews extinguished the fire within minutes and all units were cleared by command.

Units operating: Engine 131, Brush 13

Vehicle Accident 15000 Stewartsville Rd
Friday, January 29, 2016 16:25
At 16:25 Hours Bedford County Communications alerted Company 13 Squad 13 Medic 14-13 of Motor Vehicle accident with entrapment 15000 Blk of Stewartsville Rd. Medic 14-13 arrived first to find 2 Vehicle accident with one injury. Engine 131 arrived (with 4) and established command. Upon further investigation crews advised no entrapment, but would be transporting one Pt to RMH. Rescue 13 arrived and controlled hazards. Vehicle was removed from the roadway and all units were cleared by command.

Units operating: Engine131, Rescue13, Medic 14-13.

Overturned Vehicle Stewartsville Rd.
Sunday, January 24, 2016 10:00
AT 10:01 Bedford County Communications Alerted Company 13, Squad 13, BCFR Medic 14-8, County 10, for Overturned Vehicle 15400 Blk of Stewartsville Rd. Engine 131 (With 4) arrived and established command. Upon investigation crews located one GEO Tracker on its side with one male on the ground being assisted by a Witness. Medic 13-2 arrived along with BCFR Medic 14-8 and began PT assessment. Engine 131's crew assisted with loading Pt into ambulance and controlled hazards from the Vehicle. Upon Pt being Transported to RMH via Medic 13-2 all Company 13 units Cleared per command.

Units Operating: Engine 131, Medic 13-2,BCFR M14-8 County 10.

Company 13 assist in Botetourt County
Monday, January 18, 2016 03:30
At 03:30 hours Bedford County Communications Altered Company 13 of residential fire at the request of Botetourt County. First arriving units (Blue Ridge) found a two story wood frame structure with heavy fire from the alpha charlie corner. Engine 131 (with 6) arrived and split their crew. units assisted with Fire attack on Division two while other crew ventilated and gained access to the attic. Engine 131 remained on scene and assisted with overhaul until cleared by command.

Company 13 units operating: Engine 131, Tanker 13

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