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MVA with Double Entrapment
Tuesday, October 11, 2016 11:14
At 11:14 Hours Bedford County Communications alerted Company 13 Squad 13, Medic 14-1 of MVA on Stewartsville Rd just past Emmaus Church Rd. Deputy Chief 13 was first to arrive to locate two vehicles head on style collision with two subject pinned inside the vehicle. Deputy Chief 13 established command and requested an additional medic unit witch added Medic 19-1. Rescue 13 arrived and began to set up for extrication and Engine 131 arrived and stretched a trash line for protection. Rescue 13's crew removed the door from the 1st victims car, and Medic 14-1 assisted with patient care. Rescue 13's crew then performed a door pop on the 2nd victims car and Medic 19-1 along with Engine 1 (Bedford) assisted with packaging the patient. Both patients were transported with non life threatening injury's. All units were cleared by command upon the investigating from State Police.

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